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General membership in the Green Party of Pulaski County (GPPC) is open to residents of Pulaski County. Everyone is welcome to attend meetings, but voting membership requires yearly dues of $30. GPPC has two programs to help low-income members gain voting rights.


We strive for environmental, economic, and social justice. This is achieved by supporting candidates and initiatives that align with these goals.

One of our biggest goals is to restore the Little Rock School District’s school board. On January 28, 2015, the state took control of the district, declaring it to be in academic distress. We believe that this act was part of a plan to increase the presence and funding of charter schools in Little Rock.

Your Executive Committee

Ryan Giglio, Co-Chair
Andrew Waldron, Co-Chair
Anthony Newkirk, Co-Chair
La’chasity Marshall, Treasurer
Benjamin Pearson, Secretary


You may want to contact us for information about your local Greens, volunteering, or anything else.